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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our shops, textile banks and donating goods.  

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Enable Ireland Retail and Fundraising Office
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How can I donate clothing and other items to Enable Ireland?

You can donate to Enable Ireland in a number of ways:

  • Directly into our shops or any TK Maxx store nationwide
  • Through textile banks (over 300 nationwide)
  • Through house collections (when you get a yellow bag through your door.)
  • If you are a company, school or organisation you can organise a Bring Back Days. This is where you arrange for all the staff to bring in a donation on a given day and we come to collect it. 
  • Retailers can donate end-of-line stock.

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What can I donate to Enable Ireland?

We love to accept donations of clean, good-quality clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, towels, linens, homeware, glassware, collectables, books, loose toys and unwanted gifts. 
If you are a clothing manufacturer or retailer with end-of-line stock we will gladly take your donations!

What items do you not accept?

Unfortunately, we can not accept donations of electrical items, dirty or soiled items, broken items, mattresses, duvets or pillows. This is due to the high cost of disposal and health and safety regulations.

I’ve received a yellow Enable Ireland bag through my door, what should I do?

Simply fill them with your unwanted items and leave them outside your door for collection on the day specified on the bag. Enable Ireland house collections take place every three months nationwide. Before making a collection we post our yellow charity bags through your door. Your unwanted goods can mean much needed funds for our services.

How do I know when the next collection will take place?

It will say at the bottom of the yellow bag wrapper. Just look along the days of the week until you see a tick. Our bags are posted at least two days before a collection, so for example, if you’ve received the bag on a Friday and the tick is for a Monday, it will be the following Monday that your collection will take place.

I’ve heard about bogus collectors in the news, how do I know that the bag is from a reputable charity?

Unfortunately what was once an effective way of removing the hassle from donating unwanted good to genuine charities is being spoilt by illegitimate groups who claim to be collecting for charity but in fact are not. You may have received a variety of charity bags through your door and it is important to make sure that you use a bag which is legitimate.

All Enable Ireland bags carry a registered charity number and our contact details. As well as this, a good item to look out for is the Irish Charity Shops Association logo – this tells you that the charity is registered and reputable. For more information on the ICSA, visit their website on

Call us on 01 872 7155  or email if you have any concerns regarding yellow bag collections.

What if I’m not home when the pick-up is scheduled?

You do not need to be in on the day of your pick-up. Our pick up times are between 7.30am and 10am. You can simply leave the bag outside your front door where our collectors will be able to see it.

What if it’s not safe to leave my bag outside?

You can reduce the risks of your bag being picked up by bogus collectors by putting it out the morning of the collection instead of the night before. Alternatively, if you’re going to be at home on the day of the collection in your area, and during the collection hours of 7.30am to 10am, we can arrange to have our driver ring your doorbell to make the collection. You will need to call when you get the bag and at least one day before your collection is scheduled to arrange this. Please note the collection will have to be made within the collection hours and the driver may turn up at any point during these.

Alternatively, if you live near an Enable Ireland shop or a TK Maxx store, you can bring the bag into the store directly.

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How to I know if the pick-up person is from Enable Ireland?

All Enable Ireland collectors wear identification, so you’ll be able to recognise us straight away.

My bag has not been collected, what should I do?

If your scheduled collection did not take place, this could have been for a number of reasons, perhaps the collector couldn’t visibly see your bag or the bag was left out after the specified collection hours.