Details on research projects that Enable Ireland is involved with and how to submit a research application to Enable Ireland.

The Enable Ireland Research Ethics & Quality Committee (REQC) is responsible for the review and approval of all research involving Enable Ireland service users and staff in accordance with the REQC Policy and Procedure. The REQC is responsible for ensuring research governance and providing feedback and support in a timely and appropriate manner to all applicants. The REQC panel comprises of 11 representatives including an Enable Ireland Service User, various clinical disciplines, Enable Ireland management and external expertise from academic institutions, including Trinity College Dublin. 

The design of the research programme is the responsibility of the applicant. To obtain approval, the researcher must ensure that the research programme complies with the recognised standards and procedures contained within the Research Ethics & Quality Committee (REQC) Policy and Procedure.

How to apply to the Enable Ireland REQC

If you wish to carry out research regarding Enable Ireland please adhere to the following:

  1. Research Ethics & Quality Committee (REQC) Policy & Procedure 
  2. Procedures for Applicants Submitting to the Enable Ireland REQC

The following documentation will need to be completed and submitted by email and by post in order to be considered by the REQC:

  1. Enable Ireland REQC Application Form
  2. Enable Ireland Criteria for Ethical Approval Checklist
  3. Principal Investigator Data Protection Consent Form
  4. Principal Investigator Declaration
  5. Supervisor Declaration
  6. REQC Interim Progress Report

In 2024, new applications will be reviewed three times per year:
•    31st January 2024
•    31st May 2024
•    31st October 2024

Subsequent to approval by the Enable Ireland REQC all applicants must submit an Interim Progress Report.

Research Officer

How to submit a research application

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