Did you know that most of our clothes, when we are finished with them, still have 70% of their useful life left? Enable Ireland promotes sustainability in all stages of our supply chain.

Customers can donate their pre-loved items to our network of textile banks around the county, directly to our charity shops or to any TK Maxx store. These donations are crucial to the sustainability of our supply chain, and are a vital source of income. 
Every year we recycle over 1,600 tonnes of donated textiles and clothing though our shops and warehouse. This extends the life cycle of garments and prevents clothing from entering landfill waste, contributing to a greener way of living. 

Hosting an Enable Ireland textile bank on your site or business premises means you are contributing to sustainability and the circular economy, reducing the impact on the environment. And you will also be supporting vital disability services in your community.  

All donations to Enable Ireland that are not resold or recycled, are further recycled or repurposed by Enable Ireland’s recycling partners. This means that all waste related to our warehouse/clothing is either recycled or recovered.

We integrate sustainable practices into our charity shops operations. Our shop hangers, our swing tickets (tags), and the yellow donation bags that we send out for house collections are all recyclable. We re-use the donation bags and any hangers donated by customers. This contributes to sustainability and the circular economy.