Enable Ireland has partnered with Microsoft Ireland for 20 years bringing huge benefits to the people who use our services under the umbrella of our Assistive Technology programme. Microsoft has supported Enable Ireland with software and hardware donations.

Microsoft supports Enable Ireland’s accredited Foundations in Assistive Technology training course, which is designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities as well as their families and carers. It also targets employers, educators, Enable Ireland staff and representatives of other service delivery agencies together with programme funders. Enable Ireland's Assistive Technology programmes train 1,000 students per year and the multiplier effect of our direct reach is approximately 19,000 individuals with disabilities per annum.

Man and two woman, one is a wheelchair user, chatting and laughing

Microsoft provides significant in-kind support to Enable Ireland by way of software donations. This has allowed Enable Ireland to introduce technological change in the organisation’s operations, helping to achieve cost savings and improve performance. The continued support of Microsoft has greatly enhanced the lives of Enable Ireland’s service users by improving access to education and the world of work through technology. The partnership has benefited Microsoft by giving employees volunteer opportunities and by giving the company direct access to service user feedback, which has helped improve the accessibility and disability-friendly features in Microsoft technology for the benefit of their customers.