Milano restaurants have supported Enable Ireland since 2004 and have raised over €260,000 to support our services.

Milano staff fundraising in front of their restaurant

Money raised from Milano’s Tom Flanagan Fund is used to support our Assistive Technology services. Additional money generated by the partnership funds vital equipment, technology and services for children and adults with disabilities across Ireland. 

Assistive Technology enables children and adults with disabilities to engage with their family and friends and progress through the education system with less difficulty and more independence that they would have otherwise. For adult service users, Assistive Technology can be the difference between continuing in further education and accessing the world of work, or not. Support from Milano helps Enable Ireland to improve educational attainment, employment opportunities, independence and choice for people with disabilities

In particular, Milano funds have been crucial in enabling us to re-invest in our online AT Loan Library, purchasing vital technologies which service users can trial in order to ensure that they meet their needs.

Projects Supported

Milano’s support has helped make this vital technology more widely available to children and adults with disabilities, increasing access and opportunities. Below are just some examples of technology funded by Milano for Enable Ireland: 

  • Smart Home Technologies
  • Eye Gaze tracking technology  
  • Tablet Devices and Smart Phones
  • Customised AT solutions

We are grateful for the continued support of Milano and Milano staff across the country.