Life With No Limits Champion - Rory Conway
Adult Services
Two men on stage one with a guitar and one singing
Rory and Francis Conway performing on stage

Rory Conway is passionate about music and it is a massive part of his life. Together with his dad, singer/songwriter Francie Conway, he has performed live on stage in many countries and been part of numerous recording sessions.  Music is his life and his mission is to share it with as many people as possible! Rory has cerebral palsy and a visual impairment and attends Enable Ireland Rialto Hub Adult Service.

Rory’s dad Francie explains how from a very young age Rory loved to listen to music, particularly Queen’s hit ‘We Will Rock You’. When Rory was two and a half he was taken to hospital where he was in a coma for many months. Rory’s dad brought speakers to the hospital to play music that Rory would have been familiar with from home. Before he got sick he would drive everyone crazy by playing ‘We Will Rock You’, maybe ten times each day. In hospital, during the critical time in the coma, there was no response from Rory to anything, until one day the family played ‘We Will Rock You’ and there was a slight movement in his face. The family and doctors knew then they had made contact with Rory. A few months later, the family went to Switzerland on holidays and brought flowers from Rory’s mams garden to Freddie Mercury’s statue in Montreaux to say thank you for his song.

Man stands beside a bronze statue of man holding a guitar
Rory Conway visits Freddie Mercury's statue in Montreaux

Life has many twists and turns. A few years later Rory was sitting in Mountain Studio Montreaux, Switzerland (Queen’s studio) at a recording session with David Richards (Queen and David Bowie) who Rory became great friends with!! Since then he has traveled with his dad back to the studio and has spent lots of time in many other recording studio with well-known names including Christy Dignam and Finbar Furey. Rory has also sang at the opening ceremony for the Paralympics and on request from Hotpress he sang happy birthday to President Michael D Higgins. In August, Rory also sang in Farmleigh for India Day 2021. During lockdown, Rory and his dad took on a special project and recorded 34 music videos featuring Francie and Rory singing together. It was gift for anyone finding lockdown difficult and part of Rory’s mission to spread joy and happiness. Rory wants to share his music with everyone and says, “I feel really happy on stage. My message to everyone is to enjoy yourself and have fun”. You can view more of Francie and Rory’s Lockdown videos here.