Pride Tafadzwa Mtamiri – Social Worker

Find out first-hand what it is like to be a social worker on an Enable Ireland Children's Disability Network Team. 

Children's Services

"As a Social Worker that joined this organization from overseas, I’d recommend any professional to consider the Enable Ireland Family for a fulfilling career and progression opportunities."

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Pride Tafadzwa Mtamiri
What is the best thing about working with Enable Ireland?

I get to practice direct work with families and children. The job also involves working with various stakeholders in a collaborative approach to improve the lives of our service users. The best thing about working for this organisation is getting to practice fulfilling work through enabling and supporting positive changes in children’s lives. I joined the Social Work profession because I wanted to be in a position where I can advocate for vulnerable groups of society and Enable Ireland has been a major platform through which I get to make a difference in the community.

What is the culture at Enable Ireland like?

The management is very supportive and educative. They proffer opportunities for learning and professional development. I have found myself enjoying the job more as there is engagement and continuous support from the leadership. My colleagues were welcoming and accommodating when I first joined the team and the spirit of cohesion and cooperation continues to make me feel like a valued member of the wider family.

What is your Children's Disability Network Team like?

I work as a member of a very coherent and positive multi-disciplinary team. There is a culture of collaborative work, purposeful communication and shared goals. I have felt accommodated and supported as a new member of the team which helped me to quickly adapt. We get to collaborate on interventions and co-facilitate programs which is an enjoyable opportunity to learn from other professionals.

How has the organization helped with your professional development?

Enable Ireland has driven my professional development through practical work experience. The everyday tasks of a Social Worker on the Team are diverse and that has allowed me to work with multiple service users and their families, addressing varying needs. Opportunities to undertake and participate in training courses has helped me with continuous professional development (CPD). The organisation has also ensured that I receive adequate professional supervision from an allocated supervisor and     Senior Social Worker on the team. This has immensely contributed to the development of my skills and knowledge as I get to discuss my caseload, interventions and work plans. I have also felt supported to avoid burnout during my time with this organisation through their work-life balance policy.